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Just a Glimpse of What's Possible at

Interstate Powder Coatings

IPC Awning 2

Another Great Awning

IPC Big Dump Truck Box

That's a Big Box!

IPC Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy

IPC Bike Racks!

Bike Racks - Are you ready for Ragbrai?

IPC Awning Awesomeness

Another Awning

Green Chair - Spring is in the air!

Refurbished Metal Garden Chair

IPC Benches

Refurbished Benches Look Like New

Large Booth Capacity

Large Booth Capacity - up to 57 feet long

Large Booth Fresh Powder

Poles for McDonald's

Poles ready for paint in booth

Ready for Paint in Large Booth

Black Parts -- Bood Capacity

Bulk Parts Capacity for Your Needs

Yellow Parts Small Line

Ready for the Oven

White Semi Rims

These rims look amazing!

Powder Coating in Process

Meet one of our experienced Powder Coating technicians.

Chimney Caps  On House

Finished chimney caps on beautiful home.

In Place on Roof

Chimney Cap

Wheel 2 on the Line

Specialty Finishes Make Your Ride Sweet

Smile for the Camera

IPC Team Christmas 2017

Wheel 2

Sweet rim!

Loft on the Line

Made in the USA!

Loft 2 on the Line

Fresh out of the paint booth.

Putting the Large Blaster Together

Randy - check out those guns!

Green Bike

Sparkle finish on custom bike.

Gas Pump

We helped a local guy refurbish this cool gas pump.

Hope Ribbons

Special projects are always welcome!

Firehouse Bell

This is the finished project. Moville, Iowa firehouse bell.

Pre-Work for a Great Finish

Fabrication in process.

Yellow Wheels

Rims in a great yellow.

Oven Curing In Process

Very cool to watch the powder turn to gloss black in the oven.

Large Capacity

We can handle large capacity projects with our great line space.

Line Options for Your Needs

The line at work.

Smaller Parts - No Problem!

Large capacity for small parts keeps costs in line for your bottom line.

Call Today 712-224-2222

We'd love to quote your project!

Go America

Proud to support the USA!

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