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Benefits of 
Powder Coating

Powder coating offers numerous advantages over traditional liquid finishing methods. From industrial machinery to everyday household items, powder coating provides the most attractive, durable, and high-quality finish available today.

Additionally, powder coating is highly customizable with a wide range of colors and textures available, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting appearance for various metal products and surfaces.

Our Services

Powder Coating Booths

  • Small batch manual powder coating

  • Small Booth: 5 ft x 6 ft x 11.5 ft long

  • Fully automatic large profile powder coating

  • Large Booth: 13 ft 6 in wide x 11 ft 10 in high x           57 ft long


Treatment System

  • 130 ft long, 5-stage cleaning and pre-treatment system

  • Large curing oven ensures full curing & quality finish


Blasting Capabilities

  • Full-service blasting

  • New parts and re-finished parts


Specialized Finishes

  • Standard, textured, and custom colors 

  • Clear coat, metallic, and wrinkle finishes

Choose Sustainability

By opting for powder coating, you're not only choosing superior quality and durability but also contributing to environmental conservation. It produces minimal VOC emissions and allows for easy and safe disposal of waste.

Join us in reducing environmental impact with every powder-coated product! 

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